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Vivienne Becker's exquisite book on the art and craft of Sevan Bicakci showcases his legendary majestic ring designs.
Vivienne Becker's exquisite book on the art and craft of Sevan Bicakci showcases his legendary majestic ring designs.
DENIZ YUCEL - "Wir sind ja nicht zum Spass hier"
In his first public appearance since his release Deniz Yücel met with 800 of his supporters at a “Celebration of Freedom” event in Kreuzberg, Berlin. He read parts from his book, which he penned during his one-year-detention in Silivri.
MURAT ISIK - "Wees Onzichtbaar"
DPN TV interviewed Murat Isik regarding the Libris Literature Prize he won for his book 'Wees Onzichtbaar'. Isik dedicated the prize to the Bijlmer, the district that plays a crucial role in the book. The central theme of the book is survival: surviving at home, living in the neighborhood and surviving in school.
Authors Fatma Aydemir and Murat İsik attend a discussion on "European Migrant Children Enstranged". Third generation immigrant children are growing up in Europe now, but do they fit in or do people treat them as a lower rank citizens? German writer Fatma Aydemir, stemming from a family of immigrants herself, gives us a closer look into the Turkish immigrant society in her debut novel Ellbogen.
CILER ILHAN - "Dar-badar"
Winner of European Union Prize for Literature, Çiler İlhan attended the book launch of her award winning “Exile” in Lahore. The translation entitled “Dar-badar” is received in India with much acclaim.
CAN DUNDAR - "We are Arrested"
HARDtalk Can Dundar: More than 150 journalists are currently in prison in Turkey. President Erdogan's government stands accused of an all-out assault on freedom of expression. Stephen Sackur talks to Can Dündar, former editor of the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet, who has experienced imprisonment, life threatening violence and exile in the last couple of years after publishing material which infuriated the Turkish president. In the battle for Turkey's future and its soul, who is winning?
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Ali Eyuboglu

Selam, Frau Imamin: Wie ich in Berlin eine liberale Moschee gründete

Seyran Ates

Der Islam braucht eine sexuelle Revolution: Eine Streitschrift

Seyran Ates

Wahlheimat: Warum ich Deutschland lieben möchte

Seyran Ates

Grosse Reise Ins Feuer

Seyran Ates

La traversée des flammes : Turque, allemande et libre

Seyran Ates

Der Multikulti-Irrtum

Seyran Ates

Inc. Magazine

Hamdi Ulukaya Issue

Ara Guler's Istanbul

Ara Guler

Hussein Chalayan

Caroline Evans


Unsal Arik

Gunning for Greatness

Mesut Ozil

Sevan Bicakci

Vivienne Becker

Atlantic Records

Amerika'da Bir Turk

Seyh Tosun'un Hatırati

The Last Sultan

Robert Greenfield

Without a Country

Ayse Kulin

Wees Onzichtbaar

Murat Isik


Fatma Aydemir


Ciler Ilhan

Wir sind ja nicht zum Spaß hier

Deniz Yucel

Akilla bir Konusmam Oldu

Le silence même n'est plus à toi (French Edition)

The New Sultan

Turkey: The Quest for Identity

Turkey: What Everyone Needs to Know

Islamic Enlightenment

A History of the Ottoman Empire

Crescent and Star

Forty Thorns

A Strangeness in My Mind: A novel

Seven Houses: A Novel

Su: la Cuisine Turque

Cooking New Istanbul Style

Classical Turkish Cooking

Lonely Planet Turkey

The Delights of Learning Turkish

Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant

Resistanbul: La Turchia al bivio tra Gezi Park e l'islamizzazione di Erdoğan (Italian Edition)


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