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Like a Sword Wound

Ahmet Altan


Ahmet Altan

The Diplomat's Daughter

Liz Crowe

Ottoman Odyssey

Alev Scott

Hotline für Besorgte Bürger

Ali Can

Gunning for Greatness

Mesut Ozil

Grenzgängerin: Leben zwischen den Welten

Asli Bayram

Liar's Candle

August Thomas

Without a Country

Ayse Kulin

Three Daughters of Eve

Elif Safak

Matematik Koyunun Delisi

Aslihan Lodi

Gomuyu Arayan Adam

Ali Nesin

Wees Onzichtbaar

Murat Isik

The Time of Mute Swans

Ece Temelkuran


Fatma Aydemir

Akilla bir Konusmam Oldu

Fazil Say


Ciler Ilhan


Ciler Ilhan

Guten Morgen, Abendland

Nazan Eckes

Rosso Istanbul

Ferzan Ozpetek


Ayse Kulin

Last Train to Istanbul

Ayse Kulin

The Red-Haired Woman: A novel

Orhan Pamuk

The Stone Building and Other Places

Seven Houses

Alev Lytle Croutier

Forty Thorns

Judy Light Ayyildiz

From the Steeple to the Minaret: Living Under the Shadow of Two Cultures

Memed, My Hawk




Village in the Meadows

An Ongoing Affair - Turkey and I

Paradise in Ruins

Alchemy of Thought

Embracing the Mountains

Istanbul Gathering

Confessions of a Love Come Undone

Stories from the Sandgate

The Cistern

Sei la mia vita


The Red Apple

Beyond the Orchard

Three-Way Mirror: Istanbul, Athens, Rome

Contemporary Turkish Short Fiction: A Selection (Vol. 1)

Contemporary Turkish Short Fiction: A Selection (Vol. 2)

In Quest of a Homeland: Recollections of an Emigrant

Monsieur Bernar Nahum: A Pioneer of Turkey's Automotive Industry

In Quest of a Homeland: Recollections of an Emigrant

The Book of Madness

The Essential Rumi

A Year with Rumi

Rumi's Little Book of Life

The Illuminated Rumi

The Institute

The Turkish Lover: A Memoir

My Grandmother: An Armenian-Turkish Memoir

She Caves to Conquer

The Book of Turkish Poetry

The Idiot

The Turkish Gambit

Two Green Otters

The Secret's Secret: Unlocking the Secrets to True Health and Happiness

Infotheism/God's Information: Strengthening the Dialogue Between Religions


A Memorable Journey

With delicious cuisines, extensive inflight entertainment, plenty of legroom and small surprises for little guests, Turkish Airlines passengers can find everything they need for a memorable journey.


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